I’m Khalid Omari and welcome to Up In The Ear, a blog/record label/creative outlet.

I’ve been blogging for the past seven years mainly things concerning music, food, and cultural issues. It all started with a Tumblr blog ‘Where Is KO?‘ after a recommendation from a graphic designer in ’09 and after realising that it was great for images, I experimented with Blogger before setting up a WordPress for Up In The Ear in 2010.

My vision for Up In The Ear was to share things I thought the world needed to hear, also Where Is KO? and Up In The Ear were formed on the back of uni assignments which took on a life of their own, and a means to build a brand that could be converted to a record label and a place where I could be creative. Fast forward to the present day and I have since realised that in order to progress I’d need to embody the brand so Up In The Ear became more than a blog, it is now an artist name and the identity behind all of my creative endeavours.

So here’s a bit about me…

Styling an Egyptian Tunic from 642 AD

I’m a Writer, Blogger, DJ, Remixer & Producer who began playing Nintendo games just to listen to the cool songs, until I discovered Music 2000 and began making experimental beats. My love of writing short stories as a child became scenario lyrics about linking up with ‘hypothetical’ girls, which then morphed into a blog about music (Up In The Ear). DJing began when I discovered Todd Edwards, after DJ EZ did a tribute show on Freek FM in 1997/8 and it seems it has all gone full circle. I have reverted to collecting vinyl but not the really obvious stuff or things people think are cool, I’m into things that I deem significant to popular culture of a particular era when I was growing up or guilty nostalgic pleasures such as Spice Girls and Pop singles, TV Themes and the soundtracks to some of my favourite movies and video games.

My production and remix style stems from me wanting to mix Spice Girls into Section Boyz and drop curveballs at the party and in the mix. It’s bouncy with an undeniable groove that makes the listener want to dance close their eyes and travel somewhere across the galaxies. I tend to contemporise my favourite pop tracks, i.e blending Big Narstie with Whigfield’s Saturday Night simply because I feel like that’s what I want to share with the world, bricolage and juxtaposition we can all relate to, have fun and create memories with.

My whole approach to art and creativity is life and experiences first. I’m not trying to be famous nor sell a bunch of stuff to make truck loads of money, I do it for the love and it’s a means to express myself, share the things I find interesting and if my hobby happens to turn into something I can earn a living from, that’s a bonus.

I don’t tend to over publicise the things I do so stay tuned, subscribe, and stay in touch.

Yours Faithfully,

Khalid Golding